Services - Design Design


branding / design

Design starts with a logo then follows through to all other communications ensuring your customers get a clear and cohesive message. Strong branding promotes strong brand awareness and this is the platform from which you can gain attention and ultimately sell your product or service.


print / design

Printed collateral is still an important ingredient in your marketing strategy, and is still one of the most popular forms of marketing. Brochures, product catalogues, direct mail, product packaging and trade magazine advertising with a consistent theme play a vital role in communicating both your brand and your products and services to new and existing customers.


packaging / design

The packaging of a product speaks for itself, telling the consumer what is contained within and what the product is all about. It is vital to display appropriate information, use the right colours and ensure that the overall design appeals to the target market. As great packaging can mean the difference between large sales or stock clearance, it’s important to get it right.


vehicle livery / design

Transform your company vehicles into mobile advertising boards and promote your business everywhere you go. There’s a wide range of options from a simple logo and qr code (to link straight to your website) to a full vehicle wrap. From a single car to a fleet of vehicles, the sky is the limit, literally!


signage , graphics / design

Effective signage is about 93% design and only 7% words. Signage speaks directly to your target audience, so having a clear visual message specific to your target audience will be sure to grab their attention. Keep it simple, and easily understandable for best results.


exhibition / design

Exhibitions are still an effective tool in the marketing mix for providing face-to-face communication, as they bring together the key players in one place and create an ideal platform for product launches, generating media coverage, building brand awareness, generating leads, or simply retaining existing customers – use your display to catch the attention of serious prospects who have made the effort to attend.


large formats / design

Large format printing gets you noticed, it makes a statement. Its size and flexibility, whether you require window graphics, building wraps or point of sale displays, means it is very hard to miss. Visibility for your business, increased brand recognition and increased product sales are just some of the benefits from effective large format design.

Services - Websites Websites


design & development / websites

Website design actually starts in our studio with the graphic designer, watched closely by the web developer to make sure that the designs will work in practice. Our websites do the job properly – meaning they are a shop window for your business, they contain the right navigations and content and have all the background coding that makes the difference to the Search Engine robots.


maintenance / websites

After your website is first published on the Internet, it’s never completely finished. With web browsers and the Internet constantly changing and evolving, a website is a continual work in progress to remain current and interesting to search engines.

Keep your website fresh and current with our website maintenance service.


e-commerce / websites

With a well-built e-commerce website you are able to be open all the time – offering customers the opportunity to shop when it is convenient for them. From a few products to hundreds there is an e-commerce solution for most businesses.


cms / websites

Content management systems allow our customers the opportunity to easily update their website content, with or without our help. CMS gives you direct control over the content on your website, and allows for fresh and up to date content to be added instantly.

Making changes to your website with CMS is simple and allows for other members of your team to have access to making updates too.


seo / websites

SEO involves the correct use of keywords and keyword phrases that your customers and potential customers will use to find your site. The results of any SEO campaign may not be immediate and it can take several weeks or even months for your website to be listed well with the major search engines. A regular maintenance and monitoring solution is essential for ensuring your listing is kept as high as possible.

Services - Marketing Marketing


public relations / marketing

We keep our eyes and ears open for any media or marketing opportunities that need to be exploited – we note all relevant features and badger the writer or editor to get a feel for what they are looking for in editorial submissions. Short of bribery (although this has been considered) just asking the right questions at the right time can help with getting all or at least part of our submission published. It’s a constant quest to build relationships with writers and editors but one to which we are wholeheartedly committed.

Whether it’s planning an event, writing and printing the company newsletter or just some plain talking advice, you can relax in the knowledge that you can have an external PR team that feels like an internal PR team without having to put up with our funny 5 minutes.


advertising / marketing

With billions of advertising messages being hurled at us every day we make sure our clients’ advertisements are seen and heard. Whether the ad is press, outdoor, online, TV, radio, recruitment or ambient; our visual and audio designs use up to the minute quirks to give them maximum impact and eye-to-ad appeal.

The factor that runs assuredly through our ad designs is an obsession in communicating the benefits of your company, product or service to the reader.

We can advise you on combinations of advertising media and will book and manage your campaigns.


online marketing / marketing

With clever SEO and some well managed Google AdWords, we can give you the edge over your competitors.

Call in our Google Goddess
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The easy way to get the most from AdWords is to use the services of Concept’s Google Advertising Professional, leaving you safe in the knowledge you are getting a professionally run advertising campaign from someone that has proven credentials at getting the best results. Effective campaigns can be up and running in next to no time – all you have to do is take the calls, enquiries and orders.


social media / marketing

Social media is no longer an additional extra for businesses. It has become a necessity.

Social media is being used in many different ways: Research, Socialising, Brand Visibility, Instant Updates, Customer Service, Connecting with Customers, Improved Traffic, Promotions

Marketing your business using social media is a step in the right direction, and is always expanding into new areas.

Let us develop a strategy for your business utilising Social Media Marketing.