Google’s latest update mean that your website needs to be responsive

May 5, 2015 11:19 am google-algorithm

If a company wants to make sure that their site is not overlooked in Google’s rankings, then from 22nd April onwards your site will need to offer an optimised experience for all users. This means building a site that is responsive to tablets and smartphones, as well as desktops.

Whilst many companies have already made the shift, for many there is a reluctance and this is usually associated with cost. Admittedly, to build a site responsively the site needs to be looked at holistically, it can’t just be a bolt on and therefore –usually – requires a redesign and rebuild resulting in time and money.

However, there is some good news; as responsive websites have become more or less industry standard – the build process has become easier; no longer do responsive sites need to be hand coded (although many still are), there are frameworks and templates available meaning companies can get their responsive sites up and running in less time. There are limitations with these frameworks – you either take them as they come or you add a little hand code to get the site to fit your requirements.

If your site is not yet responsive, we strongly advise that you act now. Our digital team can advise on time and associated costs and how these can be kept to a minimum, to make sure that you aren’t overlooked by Google.

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