Christmas Ads of 2014

November 18, 2014 3:52 pm

So the long awaited Christmas period is coming up and we’re confronted with all the festive adverts on our TVs, but who has done the best this year?

Most prominently we must consider John Lewis, who since 2007 have triumphed over other competitors creating the most exciting and heart-warming productions. This year, they have possibly created an even better advert than last year featuring Monty the Penguin which none too surprisingly has sold out in all stores and online. The advert lures us into the budding friendship between Monty and the little boy Sam who go everywhere and do everything together. Throughout the advert we are presented with a penguin who has feelings and emotions only to discover at the end that Monty is not real but merely a toy figure.

Whilst most other supermarket adverts use excessive product placement promoting the use of their groceries in the Christmas dinner, presents on Christmas morning and festive settings filled with snow, trees and lights this year Sainsbury’s have upped their game and caught on to the success of John Lewis’s emotional marketing campaigns. Sainsbury’s have controversially used the infamous story of Christmas Day in WW1 in which British and German soldiers came together playing football and celebrating the day together. Parallel to John Lewis, the sales of the main product – the chocolate bar, have rocketed up as most people are overwhelmingly supportive of the ad.

So which ad comes out on top? Well according to Waggener Edstrom’s Brand Agility index, which measures engagement, originality, differentiation and relevance over the past 30 days, John Lewis’ campaign about Sam and Monty managed a score of 43, placing it ahead of Sainsbury’s on 39. Marketing Week suggest this is down to the topical use of WW1 and some people question whether it has been ethically considerate to use WW1 to sell their products.

Ultimately however, aren’t adverts supposed to get people talking about the brand and buying its products? And isn’t this what Sainsbury’s have successfully managed to do?


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