Anyone for Tennis

July 7, 2014 3:59 pm

Major brands have all responded to the nail biting Men’s Final at Wimbledon yesterday and Novak Djokovic’s win over seven time champion, Roger Federer with some reactive marketing.

Djokovic is Peugeot’s brand ambassador and the brand tweeted heavily about the match and their star’s win. UniQlo, who make the tennis star’s kit, used their association to their advantage by posting videos to increase engagement and direct users to their site. Head, Djokovic’s racket supplier, issued a congratulatory message on their website which conveniently directed visitors to their product pages. But it’s not just these brands that have agreements with the tennis star who are benefiting from his win … Adidas who have no direct link with the sportsman, cleverly feed into their own ongoing marketing campaign which celebrates great sporting moments with a series of tweets about the final.

These are all brilliant examples of real time marketing, using a combination of speed and cultural relevance across a social media platform and propels their own social media to the forefront of online conversations and raises brand awareness.


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