A simple but effective trick to boost your website conversions

May 14, 2015 10:08 am mzuri-hero-img

You may think that the huge hero shot across the top of a website is there to create visual impact and you’d be right. And wrong. These mega banner images or hero shots clearly deliver an eye catching look but that’s not why Concept love using them; these huge banners consistently deliver high conversion rates.

Our digital team have known for several years that using images – especially images of people – result in visitors staying on websites for longer. And the longer that they stay on the site, the more likely the user is to buy a product or remember a brand. Another advantage is the mega image can be updated frequently to promote a product or message that site owners don’t want visitors to miss.

And if you need further proof that this this is a marketing tool you should be considering – look no further than Google Analytics, who are great example of a brand who have switched to this approach. Their site uses a mega image which doubles up as a clever testimonial from real site users.

If you are interested in Concept giving your site an MOT to make sure that you are executing the best practices, then give us a call.

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