5 Fundamental Essentials no Designer should live without….

August 27, 2015 4:36 pm
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So it’s time for the creatives to take over the concept blog, looking at those essential things that designers should not live without which help us create amazing work for our clients. Without pointing out the obvious coffee and YouTube, let’s dive into 5 fundamental essentials no designer should live without…
  1. Apple Mac:

    Of course some designers do prefer a Windows-based OS, however the majority of designers work with Macs because of the large LCD Screen and design heritage. As the saying goes ‘this is where the magic happens’. This is where we let our creative minds wander and create remarkable artwork from logos and flyers to websites and e-blasts.

    It’s a very much a love/hate relationship between the designer and the Mac though. When things go well we sing their praises (especially to the PC users in the office) and they can do no wrong. However, when something goes wrong (never our fault of course) we scream, shout and sometimes cry for it just to do what we want it to do.

  2. Adobe CC:

    To accompany our Macs is the very powerful software suite from Adobe. It’s every designer’s best friend and with the newly released Creative Cloud we have monthly updates improving existing features and adding new tools to assist with our design and artwork. One of the important features of CC is the communication that all the programs have with one another and the effortless of working together.

  3. Tablet:

    A tablet gives you the freedom to transform your creative ideas instantly onto the screen by drawing directly onto the tablet. This can assist designers by streamlining the design process and saves countless trees by not wasting paper.

  4. Pad and pen:

    So to contradict myself from number 3 we use a pad and pen to write all of our notes. Whether it’s for production meetings, new client meetings or simply scribbling down an idea, a pad and pen is never too far from hands reach.

  5. Food!!!:

    So this could be just me, but when I’m hungry I can’t concentrate. Snacks for the week help keep the hunger at bay and the energy levels high. So I start the day off with a good breakfast and plenty of fruit and nuts to get me through those busy days.

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